19 June 2010

Letterpress, Project 3

For our third project, each member of the class was assigned a month of the year to create a calendar. I wasn't entirely thrilled to get November until I found the most amazing copper plate illustration of a woman kneeling in front of an open picnic basket full of silverware. I also found these great textured and worn rules. Of all the projects, this one feels most like my design aesthetic. Our TA printed bands to wrap around the calendars, and each student was able to keep two sets. The printmaking department will be selling the extra calendars at the MICA Art Market to generate funds for supplies.

Letterpress, Project 2

Our second assignment was to create several business cards. This was an exercise in patience as the size of type for business cards is much smaller than what most of us used for the postcards. I tried out different design aesthetics and managed to create some functional cards. The New Zealand card is kind of an inside joke (think Flight of the Conchords Prime Minister Brian episodes) as well as a physical manifestation of my goal to obtain dual citizenship with the US and NZ after graduation. I also made a card to use at MICA's Art Market this winter, where once again I will be selling at the Knitting Club table.

Letterpress, Project 1

Our first project was to print a postcard that could survive the mail. I wrote a knitting pattern for a postcard sweater because let's face it, who doesn't love inanimate objects wearing knitted garments. I plan to mail these to many knitting friends, and I even created a website where people can submit a photo of their own postcard sweater (the fine print on the postcard relays the instructions). I haven't mailed any yet (there is a MINOR flaw in the pattern, heh), so my photo is the only one on the blog so far: http://postcardsweater.tumblr.com