16 December 2010

currently untitled abaca portfolio

This is my papermaking independent study final. I created a portfolio of translucent abaca sheets with inclusions. The fiber was beaten for over 8 hours, resulting in transparent sheets with a rattle (much like tracing paper). I created one sheet, then placed my inclusions. I collaged found photographs, cut into intricate patterns, with other handmade sisal paper (which I had chemically dyed red and teal using MX dye). I then created another sheet of abaca and couched it on top of the first, trapping the inclusions between the sheets of paper, which when pressed because a single sheet. I was working very much within my own system of mark making -- I had rules governing what shapes I was cutting and their locations. Overall I think the portfolio speaks to pattern and accumulation, similar to what most of my work has been about lately.

active installation: work in progress

Some images from my final Multi Media Event crit. The show isn't until April but we all showed our works in progress. I'm creating an active, performative installation that references the process and labor of making garments. I used this crit as an opportunity to test the waters and see how my choreographed performance was received. From here I can move forwards with additional garments and more performers. Shout out to Tommy, Caitlin and Katy for being amazing performers. Video documentation to come soon.