03 May 2010

@rachristensen, 2010

This was my final piece for Material Construction. I wanted to revisit binary code as a method to create a patterned textile. I dyed thread and then translated every tweet that I've ever sent into binary, using that to create two (out of three) rectangles approximately 2'x3'. I wanted to create accessible "wall art" that was purely decorative and vain. Knitting something immortalizes it, elevating its importance (if not purely because of how long it takes and the dedication involved). Twitter, like all other social networking sites, is extraordinarily narcissistic. The 140 character messages that I send into cyberspace are unimportant and trivial, yet somehow I think everyone gives a shit about what I'm up to at the moment. I tried to bring together two acts of narcissism in a form that I alone know the translation. I left small clues to help the viewer uncover the layers of meaning: even if the viewer is unfamiliar with twitter the title alludes to technology and social networking as well as knitting a border of actual 0s and 1s in their respective colors (which spell my name by the way, another narcissistic act of signing the work so blatantly).

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