01 May 2010

The Explored Stitch

"Sampler" for The Explored Stitch. I took the idea of the sampler and ran in a completely different direction with it. Samplers were a way to categorize and organize knowledge, and of course there's the idea of "scientific samples". I really don't like to refer to it as scientific art, rather I used the erlenmeyer flasks purely for their aesthetic form and only slightly for their laboratory connotations. This piece was mostly about the process. I embroidered a large section of the plant cell pattern I've been exploring, and when it was finished I cut it up into smaller circles. Cutting apart embroidery goes against everything a fibers major is familiar with; it was terrifying but extremely liberating. I then constructed a display for these embroidery fragments that contrasted the organic cellular inspiration for the pattern (cotton fabric, untreated birch wood, linen thread) and the mechanical repetition (glass bottles, metal hooks, metal wire).

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